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Divine sound alchemist and prodigious pop artist, DJ, and producer; L25 captivates listeners with her innovative fusion of alternative R&B, pop, and hip-hop. Embodying duality, freedom, and spirituality, her ever-evolving sound and otherworldly persona offer an electrifying, transformative experience.

L25's journey as a producer is exemplified by her pivotal roles at Dragons Ball in both 2021 (composer) and 2023 (performer, dj) where she creates custom soundtracks for the performers in the show. Since starting L25 Productions LLC in 2018 she has graced illustrious stages such as the American Airlines Center, AT&T Discovery District, House of Blues, AT&T Plaza, and worked with numerous artists and performers creating original music and putting on full productions in Dallas and beyond. 

But L25's passion extends beyond stages. Since 2021, she has been the driving force behind the "Divine Lady Collab," a series of events that celebrate and empower women in the arts. These showcases feature a talented lineup of all-women performers, including fire artists, aerialists, and other entertainers. More than just music, the Divine Lady Collab represents a commitment to strengthening the musical community and its supporters. During these events, L25 and her business partner lead community exercises and organize charity raffles to support a variety of nonprofit organizations. Her dedication to collaborating with fellow women artists shines through, as she passionately uplifts and empowers women's voices within the industry.

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