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Meet Haley, also known as HAZEÄ. She is an electronic dance
music DJ artist based out of Dallas, TX. HAZEÄ graduated DJ
school in 2023. Her passion for music started when she was a
little girl and evolved in 2014 where she went to her first EDM
concert. This led her on a decade long journey to national and
international concerts and music festivals. Her journey is the
source of her inspiration and brought out her most authentic
self. HAZEÄ is finding her place in the studio producing music.
She now channels the raw power and depths of the ocean into
her sets. In her flowing music she finds peace and purpose.
HAZEÄ was born in New Mexico and called a number of places
home before settling in Dallas, TX. She loves travelling and is
looking forward to combining her passions. Coming from a
successful background in the medical field, her professional
skills and business acumen have only served to boost her
success in the EDM world. HAZEÄ believes that music is an
instrument that can be used to help others. She shows an
innate understanding of others and uses this in her music as
therapy for herself and her listeners. You will find HAZEÄ at
your next event djing music and adding divine ambience with
the audience. 


  • Completed Performances: The Nines, Jacks House, Three Links,

  • The Green Elephant, Green Light Social, Canvas Dallas, Ivy

  • Tavern, Private Events

  • Specializes in: Dubstep & Dance

  • Enjoys: Bass House, Tech House, House & More

  • Instagram
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