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DJ Solsis

Graduating from The DJ School of Dallas in the beginning of 2024, Solsis wasted no time hitting the streets of Dallas, TX, spinning for friends and family, and constantly learning the art of reading the room.


Her passion for music was inspired by the classics of the ‘80s, '90s and 2000s, from cumbia to hip hop, reggaeton and much more. Solsis's journey from staying on the dance floor for hours to the DJ booth, is fueled by her intense love for music and her desire to keep the crowd moving.


Off the stage, Solsis immerses herself in the sounds of Rufus Du Sol and explores music scenes worldwide, drawing inspiration from places like Ibiza to Mexico.


With a keen ear for tropical house, melodic beats, and Latin tech, she's excited to bring those global vibes back to Dallas, TX and turn up the heat.

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