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DJ Bri-Z

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, DJ Bri-Z started like many other DJs - playing for friends and family and being a bedroom DJ. After receiving her first controller from her mom as a Christmas gift in 2012 and doing gigs for a couple of years, she decided to put music aside until the fall of 2021 when she attended The DJ School Dallas. Thanks to years of hard work (and hours of practice), she's been able to perform at some of the hottest venues, clubs and restaurants around Dallas. Candleroom, Komodo Dallas, Gilley's Dallas and Canvas Hotel just to name a few...


DJ Bri-Z is an open format DJ, so everyone is guaranteed to have a good time when she performs. Bri-Z's sets contain everything from Hip-Hop, Latin, Pop to Deep House, Dubstep and more that will get the crowd excited and hyped!

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